ANNOUNCEMENT: Upcoming Tourism-Economic Development Seminars (VIC & NSW)

Cultural Intelligence.

We'll help develop your cross-cultural business and communication skills.

Your interests

What You Can Expect.

Specialist Advice

You have the industry expertise. We have the  specialist qualifications and experience to boost your international and cross-cultural capabilities.

All our programs are designed and delivered by qualified intercultural practitioners.  We have a global network of Subject Matter Experts.

Business-Focussed Solutions

We help you understand deep rooted cultural mindsets so that you can apply cross-cultural business strategies in any situation.

Our cultural insights delve much deeper than business etiquette and customs so that you can improve business capabilities and competitiveness.

Real-Life Scenarios

We are Australia’s only intercultural business specialists that exclusively use Scenario-Based Learning.
This technique has proven to be more effective than other active-learning styles. You'll gain a deeper and longer-lasting understanding of practical strategies that can be immediately applied in your organisation.

We are an Australian, Queensland-based consultancy specialising in cross-cultural business and communication skills.

How can we help?

Cross-cultural and communication skills explained step-by-step.

If there’s a cross-cultural element to your business or organisational challenge, we can help.

From Sister City Relationships to Asia-Ready Tourism - our projects are varied but always executed with a global mindset.


"Craig’s executive workshop and intercultural expertise provided practical skills for the ILO and its partner organizations to roll out projects with intercultural savvy."

Erik Holmqvist
International Labor Organization, United Nations, Helsinki

Communication & Relationships.

Tricky at the best of times. Even more challenging when dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.

Does your organisation have optimal cross-cultural skills for:

  • Building solid and lasting relationships with international customers, visitors, clients and suppliers?
  • Achieving peak performance across international and culturally diverse teams?
  • Navigating cultural pitfalls when leading international trade, investment, promotion and negotiation activities?
Whatever your business challenge, we have a cross-cultural service to meet your specific needs and interests.

Stay informed about upcoming programs and initiatives.


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